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Fwd: [D-I] Vietnamese soon to be added as supported Debian Installer language

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From: Christian Perrier <[email protected]>
Date: Jul 1, 2005 8:56 AM
Subject: [D-I] Vietnamese soon to be added as supported Debian
Installer language
To: [email protected], [email protected]

In order to prepare the "gates opening day" where all currently
"prospective" languages will be released to the D-I archive, I will
preliminarily remove Vietnamese from the "prospective" languages list.

This means that, at the next synchronisation script run, ALL D-I
PACKAGES will receive a Vietnamese translation file).

Then, as soon as one of these packages will be uploaded to the
archive, it will be translated in Vietnamese and D-I will slowly be
more and more translated to this language.

The same action will take place on July 14th for ALL REMAINING
prospective languages which have a translation ratio over 50%, if
nothing bad shows up after the initial test.

The impact of an additionnal language on the initrd size has been
estimated already (I can't find the msg where I sent this though and
no archives handy).

The impact on memory requirements has not been, mostly because of
manpower shortage..:-). So, we'll see....I keep the option of removing
an extra language in case this breaks D-I too hard.

PS: why Vietnamese? This is indeed the oldest "prospective"
language. Following on the list are mg (Malagasy...however I've lost
contact with the translator) and mk (Macedonian, with strong
translation team).


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